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Rigby Police Department

Latest News

This page will keep you up to date on what's going on with the City of Rigby Police Department.


Our Newest Officer is Peter Noel, Officer Landon Clousing will be attending Idaho POST in July of this year.



Impaired Drivers Grant
July 1-12th, Enforcement will be stepped up for the city on these dates

All photographs depicting the Rigby Police Department including, but not limited to; Rigby police badge, Rigby police shoulder patch, K-9 emblem, and photographs of Rigby police officers; are the property of the Rigby police department and may not be reproduced or duplicated without the written consent of Chief Larry Anderson. This restriction does not apply to the other graphics or cartoons on this site.
Rigby Police Department 173 E Main St Suite 1 Rigby, ID  83442